Simos Schizas, son of Savvas Schizas and Eleni Ioannou from Kampos of Tsakkistra. He was 63 years old, married and a civilian at the time. On July 22nd 1974, during the Turkish advance after the cease fire was agreed, Simos was seriously wounded from a 30 mm cannon burst outside his house. However, he managed to notify his relatives in Nicosia and after two foreign journalists helped him free he was transferred to the Dome Hotel. From there on he was taken on board the Ermes Troopship and was later transferred to the hospital of the British Garrisons in Akrotiri. He died in Nicosia on February 20th 1981 due to complications caused by his wounds, leaving behind his wife Iro, his daughter Anti and his sons Costas, Louis and Akis. His grandchildren never met their grandfather.