Miltiades and Rodion Georgiades, sons of Prokopis Georgiades from Lemesos and Thekla Hadjiyiorki, whose mother came from the family of Kirkitsou from Kyrenia. The two men were born in Lemesos. Miltiades was born on June 30th 1918 and Rodion on March 17th 1917. The former graduated from the Sivitanideio Vocational School of Athens, while the latter was a Graduate of the Philosophical School of the University of Athens. Together they voluntarily joined the Greek army and fought at the Albanian front. In 1943, betrayed for participating in the resistance, they were arrested by the Germans in Athens, handed over to Gestapo and ended up in the prisons of Brandenburg in Germany. Rodion died of tuberculosis on October 16th, 1944, while in the same month all traces of Miltiades, who was also believed to have died of tuberculosis, were also lost.