Demetris Hadjilarkou, son of Stratis and Kalliopi. He was a 47-year-old civilian and he was married at the time. He was arrested by the Turks in Bellapais in August 1974 along with several other men who had been trapped there with their families. He was taken prisoner and held first at the Pavlides Garage and then in Adana and Adiyama. This peaceful coffee house owner was brutally tortured by the Turkish torturers merely because, as some say, he had the same name as somebody else, while others claimed that it was because the Turks thought he had taken part in the battles near his house in Pano Kyrenia. His wounds proved fatal and he died at the Nicosia General Hospital on October 31st 1974, shortly after he was released. He left behind his wife Kalomoira and his daughters Soteroula and Kalia.