Christos Karefyllides, son of Andreas Karefyllides and Eleni Victoriadou. He was a reservist commando of the 33rd Commando Squadron. At the age of 20, he was the family guardian and he was single. Christos played basketball for the Kyrenian Club PAEEK. He participated in the battles of Agios Ilarionas, Agios Georgios and G.S. Praxandros. The “Agon” newspaper issued on August 2nd 1974 mentions the name of Christos as being among those who the Turkish army had declared to the Red Cross and the United Nations. According to the Turks, those men were kept as prisoners of war in Bogazi of Kyrenia, but Christos has been missing since then. His family demands to know what has happened to their son. The case against Turkey has been pending at the European Court since 1999.